Structural degradation of existing reinforced concrete and masonry structures has unfortunately started to be a very important problem of our society, such that to push the construction industry to look after innovative materials and technologies.

With over 1000 applications, TECINN S.r.l. is a leader company in Italy, in the construction industry, is specialized in the research, development and application of advanced materials and innovative technologies for the retrofitting, restoration and conservation of historical buildings and civil engineering structures and infrastructures.
  FRP Composites
Knowledge transfer seminars on strengthening and retrofitting structures with innovative materials
TEC.INN. S.r.l. offers to engineering firms, professional engineering associations, private and public technical associations, contractors, seminars, realized either in its own facilities or at other external facilities, on how to strengthen and retrofit reinforced concrete and masonry structures using innovative materials. Such seminars can either be tailored on a specific topic of interest for the customer or on general ones.
Request a copy of the volumes "FRP Composites - Guidelines for Structural Strengthening".

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